It´s time to move, time to change

Move into the Cybertower! 

We all have good memories about Form Art. If it looks too similar, let it be like a hommage to it. 

You can help to build our tower, your tower - Cybertower, Tower of links, Tower of little nests or cells for virtual inhabitants. 

This Tower can grow into infinity. If floors what you see become occupied, then new floor automatically appears. 

You dont need to be inhabitant of Tower forever. You can remove yourself, go away, leave the Tower. 

To occupy a cell in Cybertower: 

1. Type username 
2. Type password (optional) 
3. Type or paste your URL 
4. Click *ok* 

To remove yourself: 

1. Type  username 
2. Type password (if you used it for entrance) 
3. Click *remove* 

You can visit your towerneighbours by selecting them from Floors drop-down menus and clicking *visit* button. 

Let´s build something for endless scrolling! 


Tiia Johannson <>, 
Raivo Kelomees <>, 
Virve Sarapik <>,
Nelli Rohtvee <>